Find the point, M. that divides segment AB into a ratio of 3:2 if A is at (0, 15) and B is at (20,0)

Accepted Solution

Answer:the Point is (12,6)Step-by-step explanation:We Have Formula ( (b*x1 +a*x2)/a+b , b*y1 +a*y2/a+b)Where x1 , y1, and x2, y2, are the coordinate points of the line segment that make the line segment. And 'a' and 'b' is the ratio.  here the ratio is 3:2 so the a =3 and b=2 . After putting values and  of the points and the ratio in the above formula we'll have(2*0 +3*20)/3+2 , (2*15 + 3*0)/3+2 we'll have 60/5  , 30/5 =  (12,6) this will the point that will divides the Libe segment formed from A and B in the Ratio of 3:2.